Company culture

Topdanmark’s employees are the most important resource for ensuring that our customers get the best service in every situation. Therefore, our goal is that our employees have the competences to do their work, are motivated to do their best and feel that cooperation with management is characterised by mutual trust.

Our goals for Topdanmark as a working place are: 

  • Being a dynamic business with room and opportunity for personal and professional development
  • Creating business development through targeted focus on the competence development of our employees, through a business culture demonstrating confidence in our employees
  • Being able to retain and attract competent employees

How we work to achieve our goals

Topdanmark believes that close dialogue between the Executive Board and the employees is achieved by, among other things, a Cooperation Committee with representatives from all three employee organisations and Topdanmark’s Executive Board. The committee’s task is to take on and discuss organisational problems and finding solutions to these problems.

In addition, we have HR policies and specific activities ia. concerning: 

  • Employee development
  • Employee commitment and job satisfaction in the working day
  • Health in the working day

Read much more about employee activities under "Our workplace" (in Danish) on this website or in the CSR Report 2016