Topdanmark wants diversity

Topdanmark works to maintain and develop openness in our company culture to counter any form of discrimination due to gender, race, colour, national, social and ethnic origin, religion, beliefs, political opinion, disability, age and sexual orientation. We believe that diversity provides business value and that it is important that all employees have equal access to executive positions at all levels.

Women in management

As an element of encouraging diversity in the company Topdanmark has focused on women in management. This was due to only 15% women being at level 1, i.e. the management level which reports to the Board of Directors. We want to change this in order to improve diversity and management development in general.

Since 2011, we have defined a number of goals and implemented activities with the purpose of advancing women in management, e.g. go-home meetings and a mentor program. 

Successful mentor program

Between 2013 and 2014, a pilot project mentor programme was run for women managers. Its purpose was to give women the opportunity to clarify their career plans. 

With the experiences gained from this mentor programme as our setting, we launched another mentor program in 2015. The new programme is for women who have a real ambition to aspire to top management. The mentor programme attempts to give these women the personal and professional competences needed to handle a high-level position

In 2016, the mentor program for women who want to reach high-level management positions will continue.