Topdanmark's CSR policy

Topdanmark creates value for its stakeholders by insuring what we all care about and by helping establish pension savings. This provides financial security. We take on responsibility for people and environment, which helps create the confidence from which our business lives.

CSR objectives

The CSR objective is to support Topdanmark's business goals and strategies. This is achieved by:

• developing and improving customer service by, among other things, addressing consumer matters such as ensuring easily understood product information, fair and effective claims handling, transparent price, easy complaint recourse and a fair complaints process

• integrating loss prevention and loss limitation into products and services in order to limit the number and size of incidents of injury and damage to people, buildings and environment

• integrating the consideration for environment, labour and human rights and anti-corruption in the business and in relation to alliance partners

• being aware of and working on business dilemmas in relation to CSR either at a trade level or in own business
• creating and maintaining good relations with stakeholders and initiating a dialogue about CSR, when considered relevant

• being an active and dedicated company in local communities and Danish society in general

Download the entire CSR Policy here.

Read about how we integrate the policy in our business in following sections on this homepage:

Responsible business management
Read among other things about climate and environmental policy and policy for Responsible Investment

Loss prevention
Read among other things about loss prevention and job retention

Customers and consumer matters
Read among other things about dialogue with customers and customer complaint

Company culture
Read among other things about healt initiatived and diversity

Relations and dialogue
Read among other things about local cooperation on training and environ-ment


CSR Report 2016
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Please contact Pernille Fogh Christensen if you have any questions or comments to CSR. Write to pfi@(if you can see this please update your browser) or call +45 44 74 40 89