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Calories burned resulted in a DKK 285,778 donation for Knæk Cancer (Fight Cancer campaign) 

Collection: in week 43, more than 700 Topdanmark employees worked out for the fourth consecutive year to raise money for the Knæk Cancer campaign. The employees burned calories by cycling, running, walking and hula-hooping. The calories burned were converted into Danish kroner.

All week, Topdanmark’s employees worked up a sweat for the good cause together with 115 customers from Topdanmark Livsforsikring (life insurance). Again this year, Topdanmark donated 10 Danish kroner for every 100 calories burned on the spinning bikes and 10 Danish kroner per kilometer that the employees walked or ran. The week culminated with a large event on Friday for both adults and children.

The event finished off with the highest amount collected in the four years that Topdanmark has participated in Knæk Cancer: DKK 285.778 were donated to Kræftens Bekæmpelse (organization with the purpose to fight cancer) by the proud employees.


As the first insurance company, Topdanmark has engaged in cooperation with six sustainable brands:

  • Social Foodies: chocolate, nuts, ice cream and coffee
  • VIGGA: subscription service for children’s wear and maternity wear made of organic cotton
  • Genbyg: recyclable materials, e.g. doors and windows and smaller utility products, e.g. shelves and trays made of recyclable materials
  • Fuhr Home: furniture, decor and bags made of recyclable materials
  • Suztain: e.g. personal care products and cleaning products 
  • Blindes Arbejde: e.g handmade brushes, baskets and textiles

The cooperation agreements entail that people who have had a claim may choose to use their compensation for gift vouchers at a discount with these companies. The discount is also available to Topdanmark’s employees.

The new agreements with the sustainable suppliers have come off via cooperation between Topdanmark’s procurement department and CSR.

 ”Topdanmark has many good CSR initiatives already, but with this project, the ambition has been to integrate sustainability directly in our procurement. So far, we have selected six suppliers with strong, sustainable profiles and interesting products. We anticipate that both our employees and customers will benefit from the new agreements”, says Stefan Gravang, head of Claims Handling and Procurement at Topdanmark.

Updated: 31. oktober 2017

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