Customers and consumer matters

Topdanmark receives around 2.3m telephone calls and treats around 300,000 claims annually. The contact with customers is the main focus of Topdanmark's daily work.

All customers should feel well-helped, and Topdanmark has high ambitions for customer service. This applies to both sales and claims situations – and to contact in general. In all processes and contacts we think "outside in". This means that we focus on the customer's need for information and services – for example in a claims situation.

The customer and consumer perspective is key in relation to CSR because products and services relate to the customer's financial and social security, and because insurance and pension products could be complicated and difficult to understand for the customer.

Therefore we have great responsibility towards our customers, and we take it seriously. We work continually to:

• improve our customer service to make customers feel "well-helped"
• ensure easily understood product information and transparent price structures
• ensure fair and effective claims handling
• easy complaint recourse and a fair complaints process

Read examples of customer-oriented initiatives in CSR Report 2015.  

Customer satisfaction objectives

Topdanmark’s work with customer satisfaction has no end – we can always be bet-ter. One important element in this process is the customer interview, and around 60,000 of these are conducted every year. There are two clear customer satisfaction objectives:

• An increase in the number of customers who are happy to recommend Topdanmark to others
• A decrease in the number of dissatisfied customers

• An increase in EPSI survey *

* EPSI survey is an analysis of personal customers’ satisfaction with their insurance company. The EPSI analysis institute carries out 5,000 customer interviews within a defined period.

Se the result of customer satisfaction interviews and EPSI survey in 2015 below.