Customer complaints are taken seriously

Topdanmark handles around 300,000 claims annually, and so it is inevitable that we receive customer complaints about the compensation or service they have received. Typically, an insurance policy is bought long before it is used, and in certain cases the compensation or the help given in a claims situation do not meet the customer's expectations.

Of course, our customers have the right to complain. This is a common consumer right which we support. We ensure our customers receive information about com-plaint recourse and an efficient complaints process.

Source of improvement in communication and claims handling

Topdanmark is aware that customer complaints may reflect our inability to com-municate the terms and conditions on which our policies are based. Therefore we constantly work to improve our information material for customers in order to en-sure control and transparency. Based on the complaints the working processes for claims handling are evaluated to ensure as few errors as possible.

Read more about Topdanmark's approach to complaints, our claims handling and mediation as solution model in  “Customer complaints are taken seriously” (pdf)

Se statistics of decisions submitted to the Insurance Appeals Board in CSR Report 2016

Contact information

Please send complaints by letter to:

Topdanmark A/S
Att.: Kundeklager (Costumers complaints) 
Borupvang 4
2750 Ballerup

By e-mail to:
kundeklager@(if you can see this please update your browser)

Letters can be written in English.