Protection of personal data

As an insurance company, we collect large quantities of information on our customers and injured people covered by our insurance.

The personal data are used for servicing our customers and for handling of claims.

We comply with current legislation on use of personal data guarantee that the data are stored and used in a way that the customers’ right to privacy is not violated.

We have IT systems securing:

  • Updated customer data
  • Non-distortion of customer data
  • Deletion of customer data, when no longer relevant
  • That only the relevant people get access to data

We have processes telling our employees how to handle customer data and it is checked regularly whether the employees observe these processes.

We only pass on customer data in connection with handling of insurance and only to business partners and other insurance companies. Topdanmark does not sell customer data.

Topdanmark has launched a project to ensure that the Group also complies with the new EU General Data Protection Regulation taking effect in May 2018.