Loss prevention

Everybody benefits from prevention

Customers are financially secured in many different situations through Topdanmark’s insurance and pension products, e.g. theft, fire, accident, illness and old age. However, loss and illness often have greater impact and consequences than just financial consequences for the customer, Topdanmark and society as a whole. Therefore, Topdanmark works with loss prevention and limitation.

Customer perspectiv

Topdanmark’s loss prevention and limitation work can benefit the customer in many different situations, e.g.

  • Adapting to climate change. We help to limit rainstorm damage to residential and non-residential properties
  • Personal injury and illness. We help to prevent illness, injury and accident occurring in the workplace or in the spare time. Post-event, we contribute to limitation of the consequences, so that the customer is able to remain at work
  • Major fires. Major fires are a real threat to operations for companies and in agriculture. We help to prevent fire, keep businesses running and keep people and livestock free from injury
  • Theft and IT crime. We help customers feel safe in their own homes and companies avoid down-time due to theft and vandalism, including hacker attacks.

Societal perspectiv

Topdanmark’s work with loss prevention and limitation is meaningful to society because it helps to:

  • Meet societal challenges arising from potential consequences of climate change. This is done by, among other things, contributing to local authority adaptation to climate change in cooperation with our trade organisation, Forsikring og Pension (Insurance and Pension)
  • Support the welfare state by reducing the number of sick days and people on transfer income through our efforts of maintaining injured persons’ attachment to work.

Business perspective

For Topdanmark, loss prevention and limitation also has a positive effect because it contributes to:

  • Create good customer experience and, with this, loyal customers
  • Reduce claims payments which helps to keep premiums down.

In CSR Report 2016 you can read about how we actually work with loss prevention, e.g. special efforts to prevent injuries and illness at the workplace and initiatives towards farmers to prevent loss from fire, water damage, theft etc – or limit the loss, when it has happened.

Read also Topdanmark’s entire policy for loss prevention and loss limitation