Policy for responsible investment

As part of Topdanmark’s ordinary operations we invest, for example, insurance reserves and pension customers’ savings, until the funds are paid as compensation, pension payments or the like.
Topdanmark wants to ensure the highest possible return while also ensuring that the value creation does not violate internationally recognized standards and principles or international conventions adopted by Denmark.

Global Compact provides the setting
As an extension of this, Topdanmark has joined the UN’s Global Compact, which comprises ten principles in the areas of human rights, labour rights, environment and anti-corruption. These principles provide the overall setting for our policy on responsible investment. In practice this means that the ten principles are integrated in our investment policy.

Topdanmark is aware that investment decisions can deviate from the ten principles of the Global Compact, and therefore be inconsistent with the policy for responsible investment. To reduce this risk, Topdanmark has created procedures to ensure that investments are responsible and in full accordance with the policy.

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