Topdanmarks solar cell system

In 2012 Topdanmark implemented a solar cell system of 3,042 panels at the headquarters in Ballerup. In 2016 the system has been expanded and it now consists of 5,928 panels, with a total effect of 1.5 megawatt. This means that the new system produces twice as much power as the previous system.

In 2016 a solar cell system has also been implemented at Topdanmarks estate in Viby. This system amounts to 432 solar cell panels and its effect is around 102,000 kWh. The total investment in the two systems is 17 million DKK.

More balanced production

When the system in Ballerup was expanded, the placement of the panels was also changed to face east and west instead of south. This is a better utilisation of the system, since the surplus production of power at midday is minimised, which results in a more balanced production of power throughout the day.

The new solar cell systems reduce the expenses on power with around three million DKK. It also reduces Topdanmarks CO2-emissions.