Customer service

Our goal and strategy
Topdanmark should be inviting to customers - it is our goal to attract and keep profitable customers by improving how satisfied they are with us as their insurance company.

We believe there is strong relationship between customer loyalty and the level of service our customers experience when they contact us. Therefore every day we are working to expand and improve our customers' perception of our service to ensure that we provide a high and targeted level of service which reflects our values.

We monitor tens of thousands of customers' experiences of our level of service
In order to improve our ability to give customers the right experiences we regularly ask them about their opinion of our level of service. In this way in telephone interviews and digital questionnaires, we receive annually tens of thousands of inputs from customers which help us improve our level of service.

Measurement of the level of service provides input for improvements
Customers do not respond in vain. The results of the customer measurements are regularly used to train the employees of our customer-oriented groups in providing the right service.