Customer inquiries


We believe there is strong relationship between customer satisfaction and the level of service we provide. Therefore it is our ambition that the customers of Topdanmark and Danske Forsikring are those Danish insurance customers who are given the best service.

Every day we monitor customers' satisfaction with the service offered when they are in contact with us. In this way in telephone interviews and digital questionnaires, we receive annually thousands of inputs from customers which help us improve our level of service.

All of our customer-oriented employees regularly evaluate this feed-back to ensure that we are continuously focusing on how to improve our ability to meet our customers' requirements

Enquiry facts

  • We question our customers about their experience of our service when they contact us on the phone, by e-mail, on the website or are visited by a loss adjuster or insurer

  • We choose the customers for the enquiries at random

  • Customers answer the questions by using the phone buttons or on the website - it takes about one minute.

  • In return for their help the participants are offered to take part in a draw by entering their phone number

Draw facts

  • All those who take part in the draw are given the opportunity to win a travel gift voucher for 10,000 Danish kroner. However, not partners

  • The draw is made twice a year – in January and July

  • The winner is notified directly

  • The prize is tax free for the recipient