2019Distribution agreement with Nordea replaces the agreement with Danske Bank
Ricard Wennerklint becomes Chairman of the Board of Directors
2018Cooperation with Coop regarding sale of insurances through Coop's app for members
Peter Hermann takes the position as CEO in February 2018
2017Torbjörn Magnussen becomes Chairman of the Board of Directors
Christian Sagild resigns as CEO of Topdanmark at the turn of the year
2016Sampo announces a 33.34% holding, eliciting a mandatory offer. Sampo now holds a 41.11% stake
2015Distribution agreement with Sydbank on sale of non-life Insurance
Michael Pram Rasmussen resigns from Topdanmark's Board of Directors. Søren Thorup Sørensen becomes Chairman of the Board of Directors
2013Sampo/If announces a 25% holding
2011Sampo/If announces a 20% holding
2009Christian Sagild took on the position of CEO in June 2009
2006Following ten years as CEO of Topdanmark, Michael Pram Rasmussen became Chairman of the Board of Directors Poul Almlund took over the position of CEO from Michael Pram Rasmussen
2002Topdanmark entered into working agreement with "home"
2001Unit linked policies were introduced Industriens Arbejdsskadeforsikring (workers' compensation insurance) was acquired Topdanmark entered into working agreement with DLG and Handelsbanken
2000BG Bank was taken over by Danske Bank – Danske Bank exercised its option to take over BG Pension
Topdanmark entered into working agreement with Nykredit (life)
1999Distribution agreement with Danske Bank
Takeover of Danica Forsikring and Danske Forsikring Skade (non-life)
1997Loan repaid/collateral cancelled
1996Topdanmark entered into distribution agreement with BG Bank and took over BG Pension Michael Pram Rasmussen became CEO of Topdanmark
1994/95Following several years with unsatisfying results, a new strategy was introduced focusing solely on insuranceAktivbanken was sold
1990Topdanmark acquires Aktivbanken Strategic alliance with the Swedish insurance company WASA
1989International issue of shares and listing on European stock exchangesTopdanmark Rejsebureu (travel agency) and Topdanmark Bolig (real estate agency) were established
1985Topsikring gs demutualised into a limited company, Topdanmark A/S, and went public on the Copenhagen Stock Exchange Topdanmark Fonden was established
1972Mejeriernes Ulykkesforsikring and Arbejdsgivernes Ulykkesforsikring merged into Topsikring gs Topdanmark life insurance was established
1908Mejeriernes Ulykkesforsikring expanded to include farming The company changed its name to Mejeriernes og Landbrugets Ulykkesforsikring (dairy and agricultural insurance)
1898/99The mutual insurance company Mejeriernes Ulykkesforsikring (dairy accident insurance) was founded The mutual insurance company Arbejdsgivernes Ulykkesforsikring (employers' accident insurance) was founded