Audit Committee

According to Section 31 of the Danish Audit Act the Board of Directors of Topdanmark has set up a joint Audit Committee for those relevant companies of the Topdanmark Group.

The Board of Directors has elected Ricard Wennerkling, Anne Louise Eberhard og Cristina Lage, Board members, to be members of the Audit Committee. The Board of Directors has elected Ricard Wennerklint Chairman of the Audit Committee.

The Audit Committee only comprises members of Topdanmark's Board of Directors.

The Board of Directors believes that due to all three members' many years' managerial positions in listed and financial services companies and also their educational background, they possess, as disclosed in the website information on the educational background, qualifications and current and previous occupation of the Board of Directors, the necessary accounting qualifications to perform the Audit Committee task.

Therefore the Board of Directors firmly believes that all three members of the Audit Committee posses the qualifications and experience relevant to the financial sector which enable them to make an independent assessment of whether the Topdanmark Group's accounts, internal control, risk management and statutory audit have been prepared and performed in an appropriate way considering its size and complexity.

The Audit Committee holds at least five meetings a year. See the rules of procedure for the Audit Committee of Topdanmark.

Committee Members

Chair Ricard Wennerklint

Committee Member Anne Louise Eberhard

Committee Member Cristina Lage