Climate and environment

Topdanmark wishes to contribute to a sustainable development of society in a way that contributes to our business. Therefore, we aim to integrate climate and environmental considerations into our business. 

Topdanmark impacts the climate and environment directly through the company’s daily operations and indirectly through its business activities. We focus on climate and environmental activities in our own business operations as this where we have the greatest potential to define goals and implement initiatives, which both reduce our costs and impact our environmental footprint in a positive way.

Topdanmark has set targets for CO2 emissions, as we consider this to be the most relevant area for us to work on. 

Climate report

Topdanmark reports to CDP (Carbon Disclosure Project), an international environmental reporting initiative, which works for transparency and dialogue around CO2 emissions and climate strategies in businesses, with the purpose of making such information available to investors.

Read our latest CDP report


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