Customer relations

Contact with our customers is the main focus of Topdanmark's daily work. We therefore have high ambitions with regards to customer service. Our goal is that all customers feel well served no matter which situation it concerns. 

Topdanmark’s focus on the customer experience is key in a CSR context as our products and services contribute to the customer's financial and social security. Through our business we also contribute to social and economic stability in the Danish society. 

In order to increase the value for the customer, we constantly work to improve our customer service, e.g. by:

  • Securing a coverage suited to the customer’s needs and wishes
  • Providing good service both prior, during and after a claim or illness
  • Providing access to self-service via digital solutions
  • Securing easy and fair claims handling
  • Giving the customer easy access to a fair complaints process


We want our customers to be so satisfied with our products and services that they will recommend us to others. We call these customers, ambassador customers. Our goal is an increase in number of ambassador customers.

We continuously evaluate our customers’ perception of us. This is e.g. done through more than 30,000 telephone customer inquiries a year as well as systematic online surveys.