Protection of personal data

As an insurance company, we collect a large amount of information of our customers. That also includes injured people covered by our insurance. The personal data are exclusively used for servicing our customers and for claims handling.

We comply with applicable legislation on personal data and ensure that all information is stored and handled in such a way that the customers’ right to privacy is not violated.

We have IT systems, which ensure that:

  • Customer information is updated
  • Customer information is never misrepresented
  • Customer information is deleted when it is no longer relevant
  • Unauthorised persons never gain access to the information

We have processes, which make sure that our employees know how to handle customer information. We regularly check that these processes are complied with.

We only pass on information in connection with the handling of insurances and this pri-marily involves our business partners and other insurance companies. Topdanmark does not sell customer data.

In 2017, we focused on organisational and system-related changes in order to make sure that we comply with EU’s new personal data regulation, which will be implemented in May 2018. This involves e-learning courses about the correct handling of personal data for all employees. 


Read also Topdanmark's data protection policy (in Danish) and details about our Information Security.