Mediation as a solution model

When a customer files a claim to Topdanmark, we do not always agree in the final deci-sion. In the future, we wish to solve this situation by using mediation to a greater extent than we do today. Experience from Denmark as well as abroad proves that a conflict may be resolved in approximately two out of three cases by using mediation thereby bypassing the legal system.

Mediation provides greater understanding

Mediation is a process that enables both parties to put forward each their views to one another and to an impartial mediator, thereby enabling both parties to form a better understanding of each other’s views. The mediator’s job is to guide the process and ensure that both parties are heard and that a solution is identified and accepted by the involved parties through dialogue and negotiation. 

Mediation, may in many cases solve a conflict faster, less costly and in an even more satisfactory manner compared to a lawsuit. Often a lawsuit is stressful for both parties due to the lengthy process involving big expenses. In addition, a lawsuit rarely provides the parties a better understanding of each other’s views. Compared to a lawsuit, mediation may give a better understanding of the many non-legal aspects in a case. 

We can never completely avoid situations where we disagree with our customers or others covered by Topdanmark’s insurances. However, we want to make sure that such situations are solved properly. 

Favorable experiences from court-based mediation

Topdanmark has solid experience within mediation; primarily from court-based mediation. Court-based mediation is similar to mediation, but takes place within the legal system upon commencement of a legal action. The conciliator may be a mediator attorney or a judge.

Topdanmark’s experience with mediation in court-based mediation is mainly positive. This is why we in the future want to use this method for conflicts before they end up in a legal action. This may benefit all parties.  

Co-operation with Mediation Institute

Since 2013, Topdanmark has co-operated with the Mediation Institute (MI), a self-governing and non-profit institution. MI’s purpose is to extend people’s knowledge and use of mediation for which we can tell there is a need. Our experience is that many customers and claimants as well as some attorneys are not familiar with mediation as a conflict resolution option. 

In 2017, Topdanmark entered a partnership agreement with MI in order to additionally support the utilization and penetration of this method for conflict resolution.