Loss prevention

Topdanmark provides customers financial security through our insurance and pension products, e.g., theft, fire, accident, illness and old age. However, loss often has a far greater impact and consequence than just a financial one - both for the customer, Topdanmark and society as a whole. Therefore, Topdanmark works with loss prevention and limitation. 

Everybody benefits from prevention 



An important part of our strategy

Loss prevention is part of our CSR and business strategy. We integrate loss prevention in customer consultancy and specific products, and we wish to be at the forefront of developments in, i.a. digitalisation, Internet of Things (IoT) solutions and smart data application.

You can read more about how we concretely work with prevention of personal injury, illness and stress in our CSR Report 2017, e.g.:

Read also Topdanmark’s entire policy for loss prevention and loss limitation