Responsible investment

As part of Topdanmark’s business, insurance reserves and pension customers’ savings are for example invested, until the funds are paid in the form of compensation, pension payments or the like. 

Topdanmark wishes to achieve the largest possible return on investments in relation to risk, but we also wish to ensure that the value creation is responsible and does not violate internationally recognised standards and principles or conventions adopted by Denmark. 

Global Compact provides the framework

As a means to ensuring the above, Topdanmark has joined the UN Global Compact, which consists of ten principles in the areas of human rights, labour rights, environment and an-ti-corruption. These principles provide the overall framework for socially responsible investment. This means that the ten principles are, in practice, integrated in our responsible investment policy. 

Topdanmark is aware that an investment may violate the principles of the Global Compact and may thus be in discord with the policy for responsible investment. To address this risk, Topdanmark has established procedures to ensure that investments are responsible and in full accordance with the policy. 


The return on investment returns must be generated with consideration to the UN Global Compact.

Annual result 2017

No investments which may be seen as in conflict with the UN Global Compact have been made.

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