Responsible investment

Topdanmark invests the pension customers’ payments and the insurance reserves until the funds are paid in the form of pension payments and compensation.

We are obliged to obtain the best possible return on investments relative to the risk. It is our aim that our pension customers obtain a stable and competitive return on the investments, taking into account the risk. We also want the value creation to be responsible and not contravene internationally recognised norms and conventions that Denmark has acceded to. 

Topdanmark makes its own investments

Topdanmark has its own asset management which invests actively. That means that we select for ourselves which shares, bonds and properties, etc. to invest in and for how long.

Our asset management also invests, taking into account the policy for socially re-sponsible investments. The framework of this policy is the UN Global Compact which Topdanmark has consented to.

UN Global Compact consists of 10 principles within human rights, labour rights, envi-ronment and anti-corruption. In practice this means that respecting the 10 principles is an integral part of the investment policy. Generally, we do not invest in companies that contravene these 10 principles.

You cannot see what we do not invest in

Topdanmark has no so-called exclusion list, meaning a list of companies that we have not invested in nor intend to invest in. There are two reasons for this:

  • With active investments in our own asset management we have no need to instruct external managers where they may not invest. We make our own investments taking into account our policy for socially responsible invest-ments and check if the companies in which we invest comply with the Global Compact criteria prior to an investment and on an ongoing basis during the ownership period.
  • An exclusion list is not very interesting as it only shows what a pension com-pany has not invested in. By contrast, it does not show what said company has actually invested in.

If you want to see which companies Topdanmark has investments in, you can see the list by cliking at ‘Aktieliste – børsnoterede aktie’.

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