Activities and results 2013

Below is an overview of goals, main activities and results in 2013 . Each activity refers to the Global Compact principles, where relevant. If an activity supports principles 1 or 2, the specific human right is described in a bracket. 

Additionally an assessment and the current state as compared to 2012 is mentioned, if relevant:

  • Green: Improvement in relation to 2012 results
  • Yellow: No change in relation to 2012 results
  • Red: Deterioration in relation to 2012 results

Climate and environment policy

Global Compact: The climate and environmarn policy supports principles 7,8 and 9
GoalActivities in 2013Results for 2013Assessment of 2013
10% reduction of relative carbon emission (carbon emission per employee) in 2014 from 2011 emission  
  • Operation of solar cell system
  • Implementation of energy management system and subsequent regulation of electricity consumption
  • IT optimisation and reduction of electricity consumption Implementation of online meetings
Carbon emissions per employee were 2.4 tonnes. The absolute carbon emissions was 5980 tonnes. See details in carbon emission accounts below GreenSatisfactory development. The goal was acchived as the relative carbon emissions has declined 17 % from 2011 to 2013.The absolute carbon emissions has declined as well with 13 % compared to 2011 figures.
Continued reduction of paper consumption per number of customers 
  • Expansion of digital communication with customers
  • In 2013 we sent 1.5m documents by e-Boks
  • About 50% of our customers have registered with e-Boks
119 tonnes of paper (2012: 155 tonnes)Green
60% proportion of total waste for recycling (instead of incineration) 
  • Improvement of processes for waste sorting
  • Collection and assessment of data
45 % waste for recyclingNo data in 2012 due to change of supplier and therefore no standard of reference 
Continued integration of environmental matters when procuring office equipment
  • Environment has been included as a standard parameter when negotiating a number of agreements
Agreement with a taxi company with goals for reduction of their carbon emission Agreement with swanlabelled drycleanersGreen
Carbon Disclosure Project
GoalResults for  2013Assessment of 2013
70 points (65 points in 2012)61 pointsRed
Outline of initiatives to promote sustainable employee transport
Free participation in the "We cycle to work" campaign (VCTA)244 employees participated
Free bike check for VCTA participants151 employees made use of the offer
Bicycle service done during working hours by a socio-economic business, Min Cykelven (My Cy-cle Friend)380 registred employees - a 90% increase from 2012
Covered and locked bicycle shed and pneumatic bicycle pump206 stalls – fully used
Discount on bicycles, bicycle wear and accessories70 bycycles were bought
Opportunity to test electric bicycle Three employees have tested it
Charging station for electric cars and marked parking space for employees and visitors
Campaign on collective transport and commuter check300 employees participated
Opportunity for commuter card for collective transport through gross pay scheme50 cards bought
Arrangement giving opportunity to test an electric car75 employees participated

Policy for responsible investment

Global Compact: The policy supports all the principles
GoalActivities in 2013Results Assessment of 2013
The investment return is created taking into account Global Compact and the CSR policy 
  • Regular screening and assessment of the portfolio of positions which conflict with our CSR policy
  • Participation in "active ownership" in relation to two companies
See under ’Activities in 2013’Yellow

Policy and target figures for the gender composition of the Board of Directors

Global Compact: The policy supports Principle 1 (The right of non-discrimination) and principle 6
GoalActivities in 2013ResultsAssessment of 2013
The Board members elected at the AGM comprise a minimum of two persons of each gender by 2017NonSee 'Assessment'This goal has been met as on 24 January 2014 there are two women elected at the AGM and two elected by employees on the Board.

Loss prevention and limitation

Global Compact: Loss prevention and loss limitation support principle 2 (the right of work and the right of physical and mental health) and Principle 7 and 8
GoalActivities in 2013ResultsAssessment of 2013
Improving communication on loss prevention in the customer contact 
  • Introduction of website on loss prevention 
Integration of website in employees' contact with customersGreen
Expanding the loss prevention work through the Safe Farm concept 
  • Top Farm Jutland was taken into use for training and demonstration
  • Establishment of Top Farm Funen
Increased interest for Topdanmark's loss prevention product, Safe Farm, and a small increase in salesGreen
Expanding the loss prevention work in general
  • Start-up of origin analysis in order to efficiently ensure prevention of large-scale losses
No results yet
Expanding the loss prevention and advisory work in general
  • Improved procedure for large-claims handling and risk advice
Improved handling and advice in the event of large-scale claims, e.g., Munkebjerg Hotel and Dansk træ-emballage A/S (Danish Wood Packaging ltd)Green

Customer and consumer matters

Goals and results for all business sectors in Topdanmark

GoalActivities in 2013Results for 2013Assessment of 2013
50% of all customers recommends us to others (ambassador customers)Customer interviews and individual follow-up on selected customers43,3%Green: An increase of 4.3pp which is highly satisfactory
Maximum 5% unsatisfied customers 
  • Change in processes and organisational structure
  • Improvement of our website
  • Improvement of the "customer in-ternet file"
6,0%Green: A decline of just under 1pp which is satisfactory This is the third year in a row showing a decline 
Increase in personal customer satisfaction in the EPSI survey78,7 %Green: 3pp increase from 2012 This is the third year in a row showing an incre-ase in this survey
GoalActivities in 2013Results for 2013Assessment of 2013Assessment of 2012 **
**Topdanmark's share of com-plaints in the Insurance Appeals Board must not exceed our market share for the type of product concerned 
  • More resources in the customer complaints department
  • Assessment of complaints statistics
The result for the full year 2013 was not available when this report was closed However, there is a trend towards fewer complaints being submitted to the Ap-peals Board – see table belowIt is expected that the goal for 2013 has been metGreen: The goal was met for all types of products except:
  • Accident insurance where the share of complaints is slightly higher than market share. However, there was an impro-vement from 2011
  • Individual pension schemes where the share of complaints is also slightly higher than market share
To reduce the number of complaints submitted to the Board – subject to the market share not having increasedAssessment of customer and appeals board cases in order to improve processes and communication, e.g. customer lettersUnchanged market share, in general The result for the full year 2013 was not available when this report was closed However, there is a trend towards fewer complaints being submit-ted to the Appeals Board – see table belowIt is expected that the goal for 2013 has been met See assessment of 2012 in pop-up box (or on website) 
Green: There was a significant decline from 2011 in the share of complaints in house, motor and contents and travel insurance, while there were more complaints in change of ownership insurance For the other types of products there were only small deviations from 2011

Company culture

GoalActivities in 2013Results for 2013Assessment of 2013
Inspiring to healthy life style 
  • Various offers related to cycling – read more under "Focus on sustainable employee transport"
  • Discount on bicycle wear and other sportswear
  • Jogging in Ballerup
  • DHL run
  • Mindfulness course in Ballerup, Viby, Herning and Ålborg
  • Trays removed from the canteen to encourage employees to only eat what is necessary 
  • Better fruit scheme at Topdanmark's head office. Fruit scheme all over the country
  • See under Climate- and environment policy
  • No data
  • 25 participants  
  • Arround 700 employees participated in Copenhagen, Odense, Århus og Ålborg
  • 200 participants in Ballerup, 45 in Viby, 23 in Herning, 22 in Ålborg
  • Bo specific figures, but it is believed that less is eaten
  • Less waste of food
  • More fruit has been eaten than previously 
Green: It is believed that all the various offers and activities have been well received
Ensuring job satisfaction in the workplace High job satisfaction, i.e. between 70 and 80 points in Ennova's job satisfaction survey 
  • Job satisfaction survey
  • Follow-up on the results of the survey
  • Job satisfaction 75 (+2)
  • Loyalty: 83 (+2)
Green: The result is higher than that of the labour market in general


GoalActivites in 2013Results for 2013Assessment of 2013
At least one female candidate for a job interview for an executive position at all three levels (see below) 
  • Mentor scheme for female employees. Nine women have participated
  • Meeting held after hours
  • 23 vacant executive positions, of which 17 female candidates for an interview
  • 2012 31 vacant executive positions, of which 24 female candidates for an interview
  • See details in table below
Yellow: The absence of women for the six interviews was due to very few female applicants for some of these positions or their professional competences not being as good as those of the male applicants
Both genders must be represented by at least 40% in management (all levels) On 31 Dec. 2013 the distribution was: 42% women and 58% men (2012: 41% women and 59% men)Green: The goal was met in 2013

Suppliers and alliance partners

GoalActivities in 2013Results for 2013Assessment of 2013
Integrating the Global Compact principles in cooperation with our suppliers, where relevant 
  • Prepared CSR request to suppliers and alliance partners
  • Initiated process for risk assessment and collection of CSR-related information from relevant alliance partners
  • Established a view of significant suppliers and alliance partners enabling us to make regular risk assessment
See under "Activites"Green

Training in the insurance industry

GoalActivities in 2013Results for 2013Assessment of 2013
Contributing to training in the industryEmployment of apprentices and trainees 
  • Finance apprentices: 24 new apprentices (2012: 24)
  • Finance economists (FE) 4 new apprentices (2012: 5)
  • Finance bachelors as trainees (FBT) 9 new apprentices (2012: 14)
Yellow: The decline in FE and FBT was not due to a wish to reduce the intake of candidates but due to a decline in the number of candidates

Mentor schemes for school pupils

GoalActivities in 2013Results for 2013Assessment of 2013
Contributing to training in the local areaParticipation in mentor scheme under Talentspejderne Start-up of three new mentor schemes, against only one in 2012Conclusion of one mentor scheme started in 2012 Topdanmark employee appointed as senior mentor who contributes to teaching new mentors in the municipality of BallerupGreen

Cooperation on training and solar cells

GoalActivities in 2013Results for 2013Assessment of 2013
Contributing to training in the local areaWorking with local senior high schoolSee under ’Activities’Green

Humanitarian projects where employees make a difference

Employees and Topdanmark contribute to Doctors without Borders
Number of registered employees109106
Total amount in DKK166.200166.520165.520
Collection for the Philippines84.500
Blod is donated during working hours
Number of registered employees139120148