Indicators of working conditions

Indicators of employee relations
Full-time employees2.3372.3882.476
Part-time employees262254245
Total number of employees2.5992.6422.721
Employees under a temporary contract 1)141560
Employees on collective agreement terms2.5332.5772.653

The staff numbers do not include paid-by-the-hour employees, e.g., student assistants

1)The number covers employees who have a resignation date (excluding apprentices). The growth in 2013 was due to the employment of extra staff to handle the claims caused by the two storms in October and December 2013.

Indicators of job satisfaction
Absence due to illness 1)%3,13,02,9
Employee turnover 2)%9,88,78,9
Cases of discriminationNumbers010
Employees working on reduced hoursNumbers141411
Skills development of employees 3)DKK37 mio.45 mio.41,5 mio.

1)The figure means that on the average each employee was sick 2.9% of overall working hours in 2013. The figure covers all employees.

2)Definition: Employees who have left the company either voluntarily, have been dismissed, have retired or otherwise resigned.

3)The amount does not include payroll costs but solely payment of training activities.

Number of executives in Topdanmark by level and gender (excluding Executive Board)
MenWomen% WomenMenWomen% WomenMenWomen% Women
Level 1182101821017315
Level 2342239362743342542
Level 3896643887145927746

Level 1: reference to Executive Board
Level 2: reference to level 1 executives
Level 3: reference to level 2 executives