Activities and results 2014

Below is an overview of goals, main activities and results in 2014. Each activity refers to the Global Compact principles, where relevant. If an activity supports principles 1 or 2, the specific human right is described in a bracket. 

Additionally an assessment and the current state as compared to 2013 is mentioned, if relevant:

  • Green: Improvement in relation to 2013 results
  • Yellow: No change in relation to 2013 results
  • Red: Deterioration in relation to 2013 results

Climate and environment policy

Global Compact: The climate and environmarn policy supports principles 7,8 and 9
GoalActivities in 2014Results for 2014Assessment of 2014
10% reduction of relative carbon emission (carbon emission per employee) in 2014 from 2011 emission  
  • Operation of solar cell system
  • Energy optimization of IT
  • Energy optimization of cooling plant
  • New environment-friendly ventilation system  
  • Implementation of online meetings
  • Carbon emissions per employee were 2.3 tons
  • Absolute carbon emissions were 5,593 tons
  • See details in carbon emission accounts
The goal was achieved as the relative carbon emissions have declined by 20.7 % from 2011

Absolute carbon emissions have declined as well by 18.7 % compared to 2011 figures

Status on solar cell system
Electricity production (kWh) 745.454707.114
Percentage of annual electricity production1211
CO2 reduction (tons)  300250
Savings in electricity consumption (Mio DKK)1.51.4


Carbon Disclosure Project
GoalResults for 2013Results for  2014Assessment of 2014
70 points 61D82CGreen
Initiatives to promote sustainable employee transport
Bicycle og electric bicycle 
Free participation in the "We cycle to work" campaign (VCTA)244 employees participated304 employees participated
Free bike check for VCTA participants151 employees made use of the offer128 employees made use of the offer
Bicycle service done during working hours by a socio-economic business, Min Cykelven (My Cy-cle Friend)380 registred employees - a 90% increase from 2012405 registered employees
Participation in nationwide “test an  electric bicycle” campaignThree employees44 signed up and 23 got the chance to test an electric bicycle for 3 months. At year end, 4 employees have bought an electric bicycle, and 12 are considering buying one
Discount on bicycles70 bycycles were bought45 bicycles bought
Electric cars 
Charging station for electric carsNo employees used the charging station Three employees used the charging station towards the end of 2014 
An information stand manned by electric car specialists set up by the canteen in Ballerup -Visited by approx. 100 employees
Collaboration with Greater Copenhagen Region on the leasing of an electric car for a week-61 signed up

8 got the chance to test an electric car
Electric car leasing campaign with Avis-Four employees have leased an electric car
Other initiatives 
Implementation of a digital platform to encourage car -sharing for work and outside working hours -A few users

Policy for responsible investment

Global Compact: The policy supports all the principles
GoalActivities in 2014Results in 2014
The invest-ment return is created taking into account Global Compact and the CSR policy 
  • Regular screening and assessment of the portfolio of positions which conflict with our CSR policy
  • Participation in "active ownership" of a company assessed as being in breach of the Global Compact principles
  • Implemented work to integrate government bonds in the policy for responsible investment based on new guidelines from The Danish Business Authority’s Council for Social Respon-sibility (Rådet for Samfundsansvar under Erhvervsstyrelsen)
The ”active ownership” Topdanmark participated in was discontinued in 2014 due to a lack of response from the company in question and no prospects for improvement

Topdanmark decided to sell its positions in the company in question

Policy and target figures for the gender composition of the Board of Directors

Global Compact: The policy supports Principle 1 (The right of non-discrimination) and principle 6
GoalActivities in 2014ResultsAssessment of 2014
The Board members elected at the AGM comprise a minimum of two persons of each gender by 2017NoneSee 'Assessment'This goal has been met as on 24 January 2014 there are two women elected at the AGM and two elected by employees on the Board.

Loss prevention and limitation

Global Compact: Loss prevention and loss limitation support principle 2 (the right of work and the right of physical and mental health) and Principle 7 and 8

Loss prevention in agriculture

GoalActivities in 2014ResultsAssessment of 2014
Expanding the loss prevention work through the Safe Farm concept 
  • Roll-out of topgå, a website  for loss prevention and limitation
  • Integrated Sikkert Landbrug / Safe Farm as an element in risk evaluation and the setting of premium rates
About 130 persons, primarily our own employees on training assignments, have visited the two Top Farms

Topgå has had 3,350 visits since April 2014
There is an interest for Safe Farming in the industry, but Topdanmark Agricultural wants to be even better at showing farmers that there are also financial benefits in implementing prevention measures  

The assumption is that it will take several more years before the concept is successful

Expanding the loss prevention work in general 
  • Finished concept of origin analysis in order to efficiently ensure prevention of large-scale losses 
No results as yetThe concept is ready and will be rolled out as pilot in Q1 2015  



Loss prevention in SME and industrial

GoalActivities in 2014ResultsAssessment of 2014
Expanding targeted loss prevention work 
  • Prevention of fire, e.g. workshops for auto repair businesses  
  • Reinspection of customers hit by cloudburst damage
  • Business blog
  • Improved risk management and advice for auto repair shops, sports centres and restaurants 
  • Better management and prevention of rainstorm damage
Improvement in prevention work. Several customers affected by rainstorm damage in 2011, have prevented damage from the rainstorm of 2014. Customers are generally satisfied with our advice and are able to use it



Status on proactive claims handling

Number of customer cases where proactive claims handling was usedPercentage of the total number of customer cases
Loss of earnings poten-tial insurance *11738533 %34 %
Workers' compensation insurance & Liability in-surance **74239< 3 %< 3 %

*331 cases in progress as at 31.12.2014 in which pro-active claims handling is made use of

**161 cases in progress as at 31.12.2014 in which pro-active claims handling is made use of




Customer and consumer matters

GoalActivities in 2014Results for 2014Assessment of 2014
Internal customer surveys: increase in number of customers who recommend us to others (ambassador customers) 
  • Customer interviews and individual follow-up on selected customers 
  • Change in processes and organizational structure Improved product information on our websites
  • Improved digital claims reporting
  • Improved comparison portal
44,5%An increase of 1.2%, which is highly satisfactory

Internal customer surveys: fall in the number of dissatisfied customers6,2%A rise of 0.2%, which is assessed as a non-significant change

Increase in personal customer satisfaction in the EPSI survey 75,5 %A fall of 3.2 per-cent, which is not satisfactory. See more below



Results for 2011 to 2014 (in percent) - all business sectors

Ambassador customers37.039.043.345.5
Dissatisfied customers7.
EPSI survey73.775.778.775.5

Status on social media

Total customer score on Trustpilot - Topdanmark (0 to 10) 5.68.8
Total customer score on Trustpilot – Danske Forsikring (0 to 10)4.59.1
Facebook – organic reach*209.191501.138

*Number of people who have seen Topdanmark posts without paying for it

Customer claims to the Insurance Appeals Board: Activities and results

MålsætningActivities in 2014Results for 2014Assessment of 2014Assessment of 2013*
Topdanmark's share of complaints in the Insurance Appeals Board must not exceed our market share for the type of product concerned 
  • Assessment of internal complaints statistics
  • Better processes for handling customer complaints through internal training
  • Increased use of mediation as solution model
  • Assessment of customer and appeals board cases in order to improve processes and communication, e.g. customer letters
The result for the full year 2014 was not available when this report was closedIt is expected that the goal for 2014 has been met The goal was met for all types of products

To reduce the number of complaints submitted to the Board – subject to the market share not having increasedThe result for the full year 2013 was not available when this report was closed However, there is a trend towards fewer com-plaints being submitted to the Appeals Board – see table belowIt is expected that the goal for 2014 has been met 
There was a significant decline from 2012 in the share of complaints in travel, house, motor and contents, and change of ownership insurance


* Assessment of 2013 has been included in this report as it was not shown in the 2012 CSR report due to the lack of data for the year when the report was closed. 

Statistics of decisions submitted to the Insurance Appeals Board *

Number of decisions24223215289
Board found in Topdanmark’s favour 183 (76 %)187 (81 %)119 (78 %)78 (88 %)
Board found against or only partially in favour of Topdanmark59453311

*The figures cover both Topdanmark Forsikring and Danske Forsikring, which is a brand under Topdanmark. The figures include decisions in life and non-life business, but not decisions which the Appeals Board has not considered.  Source: 

**Note: Figures for 2013 have been corrected in relation to the figures appearing in the CSR report for 2013, as these figures only covered 1 January 2013 up to and including 21 October 2013

***Figures for 2014 cover 1 January 2014 to 20 October 2014. In the CSR report for 2015 these figures will be adjusted to cover the whole year

Health and job satisfaction

GoalAktiviteties in 2014Results for 2014Assessment for 2014
Inspiring to healthy life style
Ensuring job satisfaction in the workplace  

High job satisfaction, i.e. between 70 and 80 points in Ennova's job satisfaction survey 
Various offers related to cycling – see “Initiatives to promote sus-tainable employee transport See “Initiatives to promote sustainable employee transport” With the exception of the medical advice offer, employees have been enthusiastic about the offers and activities, which will promote a healthier lifestyle.

The activities also contribute to greater job satisfaction and wellbeing among the employees.

Discount on bicycle wear and other sportswearNo data
DHL run

Run training
780 employees (2013:700)  

25 participants  
Health check offer867 employees  (2012:885)
Influenza vaccine offer274 employees (2013:264)
Offer of medical advice Only a few employees 
Quit Smoking course offer52 employees. 88 % were still non-smokers six weeks after the course.
Health Camp. Paid for by the participants, but with a discount3 groups, 57 participants in all, 7 repeaters
Dental treatment at the workplace. Paid for by the employees122 employees
Cancer14: spinning event  237employees
Job satisfaction (2013) Job satisfaction: 75 (+2)Loyality: 83 (+2)


GoalActivites in 2014Results for 2014Assessment of 2014
At least one female candi-date for a job interview for an executive position at all three levelsBoth genders must be rep-resented by at least 40% in management (all levels)  
  • 23 vacant executive positions, of which 17 female candidates for an interview
  • 2012 31 vacant executive positions, of which 24 female candidates for an interview
  • See details in table be-low
The absence of women for the six interviews was due to very few female applicants for some of these positions or their professional com-petences not being as good as those of the male applicants

Both genders must be rep-resented by at least 40% in management (all levels)  On 31 Dec. 2014 the distribution was: 42% women and 58% men (2012: 41% women and 59% men) The goal was met in 2014


Suppliers and alliance partners

GoalActivities in 2014Results for 2014Assessment of 2014
Integrating the Global Compact principles in cooperation with our suppliers, where relevant 
  • Prepared CSR re-quest to suppliers and alliance partners
  • Initiated process for risk assessment and collection of CSR-related information from relevant alliance partners
  • Established a view of significant suppliers and alliance partners enabling us to make regular risk assessment
See under "Activites"Green

Training in the insurance industry

Global Compact: The activity supports principle 1 (The right to education)
GoalActivities in 2014Results for 2014Assessment of 2014
Contributing to training in the industryEmployment of apprentices and trainees 
  • Finance apprentices: 24 new apprentices (2012: 24)
  • Finance economists (FE) 4 new apprentices (2012: 5)
  • Finance bachelors as trainees (FBT) 9 new apprentices (2012: 14)
The decline in FE and FBT was not due to a wish to reduce the intake of candidates but due to a decline in the number of candidates

Contributing to training in the local areaParticipation in mentor scheme under TalentspejderneConclusion of two mentor schemes and one in progress until the report is finalisedParticipation in the mentor scheme has been ended.
Collaboration in the adoption of a school class in BallerupNothing specific yet Good start to the project

Humanitarian projects where employees make a difference

Employees and Topdanmark contribute to Doctors without Borders
Number of registered employees109106101
Total amount in DKK166.200166.520165.520207.450
Collection for the Philippines84.500
Blod is donated during working hours
Number of registered employees139120148153