List of carbon esissions in 2011-2014 (tonnes)
Scope 1Heating consumption - natural gas863963983829
Companny car use 1)700706718653
Scope 2Heating consumption - district heating11011611196
Electricity consumption 2)3.2282.4352.0922.039
Scope 3Use of own car for business purposes1.9761.9762.0761.976
Outsourced activities 3)---0
Total absolute carbon emissions6.8776.1965.980
Total carbon emissions per full-time employee2,92,62,4

1) These figures include use of company car for private purposes. Fig-ures for use of company car for business purposes only are not registered. The split between private purposes use and business purposes use of company cars is estimated to be about 50-50

2) Figures for electricity consumption in 2011 and 2012 have been ad-justed as compared to the previous reports in order to reflect the emission factor used in the Climate Compass in 2013. This also means a change in the total absolute carbon emission and the relative carbon emission as compared to previous reports

3) In 2014 Topdanmark’s mainframe was outsourced to IBM. Topdan-mark’s electricity consumption amounts to 1.18 kWh. As IBM‘s electricity supply is generated by hydro-power, there is no C02 emission resulting from consumption