Indicators of working conditions

Indicators of employee relations
Full-time employees2.3882.4762.417
Part-time employees254245236
Total number of employees2.6422.7212.653
Employees under a temporary contract 1)156024
Employees on collective agreement terms2.5772.6532.582

The staff numbers do not include paid-by-the-hour employees, e.g., student assistants

1)The number covers employees who have a resignation date (excluding apprentices). 

Indicators of job satisfaction
Absence due to illness 1)%3,02,93,1
Employee turnover 2)%8,78,910,2
Cases of discriminationNumbers100
Employees working on reduced hours 3)Numbers141111
Skills development of employees 4)DKK45 mio.41,5 mio.36,2 mio.

1) The figure means that on average each employee was sick 3.1 % of overall working hours in 2014. The figure covers all employees. By way of comparison, absence due to illness in the insurance industry is 2.9%

2) Definition: Employees who have left the company voluntarily, have been dismissed, have retired or other reasons 

3) Flexjobs /reduced working hours are offered primarily to internal employees who need other work duties than they have performed previously. Of the 11 employees in flexjob positions, 10 are internal employees 

4) The amount does not include payroll costs but solely payment of external training activities. Note that the amount for 2012 and 2103 has changed in relation to previous CSR reports, when the amount included provisions for periodical payments. The reduction in costs from 2012 to 2013/2014 is due to a increased focus on internal training since 2013