Indicators of employee relations at Topdanmark

Indicators of employee relations at Topdanmark

Full-time employees2.388 2.476 2.417 2.477
Part-time employees254 245 236 243
Total number of employees2.642 2.721 2.653 2.720
Employees on temporary contracts 1)1560 24 42
Employees covered by collective agreement2.577 2.653 2.582 2.649

The employee numbers do not include hourly-paid employees, e.g. students assistants.
1) The numbers cover employees who are bound by a specific resignation date (excl. apprentices and maternity cover)



Indicators of wellbeing at Topdanmark

Absence due to illness 1)%3,02,93,13,0
Employee turnover 2)%8,7 8,9 10,2 12,5
Cases of discrimination 3)Total1000
Employees in flex-time jobs 4)Total 14111110
Competence development of employees 5)DKKm.4538,636,236,7

1) This figure means that, on average, every employee was sick 3.0% of the total number of working hours in 2015. The figure coversa ll employees. In comparison, the percentage of sick days in the insurance sector is 2.9% (2014).

2) Definition: employees who have left the organisation voluntarily, have been dismissed, have resigned or have left for other reasons

3) Cases of discrimination refers to cases which have been reported to HR or brought to an employee organisation

4) Flexi-jobs are offered primarily to internal employees who need other duties than those they have had previously. Out of the 10 employees in flexi-jobs, 10 are internal employees

5) The amount does not include payroll costs but solely payment of external training activities. Note: the 2012 and 2013 figures have been changed in relation to previous CSR reports, where the payments included provisions for periodical payment. These provisions have now been removed. The fall in costs from 2012 to 2013/2014 is due to a greater focus on internal training since 2013