Whistleblower scheme

Topdanmark’s has established a whistleblower scheme which is intended to handle criminal and / or very serious matters relating to Topdanmark. For example:

  • Criminal matters such as overcharging, fraud, bribery, deception, forgery and the like
    Matters relating to accounting, internal control and corruption
  • Matters of serious breach of occupational safety
  • Matters of importance to the Group as a whole
  • Matters that could be decisive for individuals’ lives and / or health

The scheme is intended to offer Topdanmark’s employees and others connected with Topdanmark, for example existing and previous alliance partners and previous employees, the opportunity to report matters which could be in conflict with Topdanmark’s policies or relevant legislation.

Topdanmark’s whistleblower scheme has been approved by the Danish Data Protection Agency.

Limitations of the scheme

The whistleblower scheme is not intended for matters relating to breach of internal rules, manners, code of conduct etc. For Topdanmark’s employees such matters are handled by the HR department and the staff organisations. Nor can the scheme be used to handle claims from customers.

Read instructions and reporting form here.