Instructions and reporting form

In order for us to process your report properly and correctly it is important that you pro-vide us with all the information you hold. 

It could be, for example: 

  • What your report is about
  • Who is involved in the actions concerned 
  • Where the actions concerned take place / have taken place 
  • Your knowledge on the size of the values involved in the actions 
  • How you have acquired the information

Even though you may not have all the information, it is important that you do not investi-gate the matter any further. Instead, you should report through the whistleblower scheme on a less certain basis than to risk destroying any potential evidence.

Link to reporting form

Report on phone +45 4474 4800

The telephone is an answering machine, which allows us to replay the reported message. We check the answering machine daily.

Report by letter

Send the report by letter to:

Topdanmark Forsikring A/S

Borupvang 4, 2750 Ballerup

marked ACA confidential

Report by e-mail

Send an e-mail with your report to whistleblower@(if you can see this please update your browser)  

Recipients of the report

The recipients of the report are Topdanmark’s head of Internal Audit and Topdanmark's General Counsel.

Matters to be reported through the whistleblower scheme

A whistleblower scheme is intended to handle criminal and / or very serious matters re-lating to Topdanmark.

For example reporting on:

  •  Criminal matters, i.e., among other things, violations of the criminal code. For example, if you discover or suspect overcharging, fraud, bribery, deception, for-gery and the like 
  • Matters relating to accounting, internal control and corruption 
  • Matters of serious breach of occupational safety
  • Matters of importance to the Group as a whole 
  • Matters that could be decisive for individuals’ lives and / or health

Q&A regarding the whistleblower scheme

Matters not related to the whistleblower scheme

The whistleblower scheme is only intended to handle serious matters. Therefore, you cannot report a number of situations under the scheme? Even though it could be breach of internal rules, ways of life, Code of Conduct etc. 

It could be, but not exclusively:

  • Bullying 
  • Lack of cooperation 
  • Incompetence 
  • Absenteeism 
  • Violation of guidelines regarding dresscode, smoking, alcohol, use of e-mail and internet

If you, as an external business partner have been in situations as described above, we recommend you to contact your counterpart in Topdanmark or his / hers intermediate superior in the company. 

Such matters cannot be handled by the whistleblower system, according to law. There-fore, reports received on these subjects will be deleted immediately.

You have the opportunity to report anonymously

It is possible to report anonymously. However, we prefer that you provide us your name and other contact details. 

If you have informed us who you are, it will be possible for us to come back to you with detailed questions if necessary.

We are not always able to give you feedback on your report

As reports often concern personally sensitive information and may involve individuals on whom we cannot disclose information, we cannot provide you individual feedback on your report. This applies regardless of whether you are anonymous or not.

You can of course be sure that we will take your report seriously and examine it thor-oughly within the statutory limits of the whistleblower scheme. 

The whistleblower scheme has been approved by the Danish Data Protection Agency

Topdanmark’s whistleblower scheme has been presented to and approved by the Danish Data Protection Agency. It is absolutely top priority that all those who use the whistle-blower scheme may rely on all communications being treated as confidential and stored and investigated in a confidential and adequate manner.