Our workplace

The foundation for our HR activities

A decentralised organisation based on framework control in the form of:

  • shared values
  • shared business understanding
  • shared understanding of what creates value for customers, shareholders and employees.


  • to be a dynamic company with plenty of opportunity for personal and career development.
  • to create business development opportunities through a targeted focus on the development of our employees' skills. This is done through a company culture of confidence in our employees
  • to be able to attract and keep qualified employees.

Job satisfaction and health

Topdanmark’s employees play an important role for the Company achieving positive business results. Therefore we have chosen health and employee satisfaction as some of our areas of focus. 


The tone of communication in Topdanmark is positive and cheerful. We have great respect for each other, both humanly and professionally speaking, and therefore co-operation across departments and areas works smoothly. The culture is very open and unbureaucratic, and the employees have plenty of opportunity to realise their ideas. 

Social relations

When the workday is over, you can still see your colleagues as there are a lot of good offers for those who cannot do without each other. 

Employment conditions
Your salary will be according to your qualifications, your tasks, your experience and performance. Additionally, we offer you a highly attractive pension scheme, flexible planning of your work, job rotation and the opportunity to grow your career.

Employee development

In Topdanmark we focus on each employee's skills development partly on the basis of of our value creation, goals, business and attitudes, partly our employees' motivation and job satisfaction. 

Management principles

Each executive in Topdanmark is particularly responsible for the Company creating value for our customers, shareholders and employees. We consider it important that explicit expectations are formulated for our executives' behaviour and that the executives identify with our management values. 

Employees in numbers

In Topdanmark we are around 2,700 employees working all over the country,  Our average age is around 43 and the gender distribution almost equal.