Recruitment process

How we employ people
When advertising job vacancies we do it on Ledige job and on various external job databases, for example, Sometimes we also advertise in daily newspapers and the trade press. We use the IT system, Easycruit, to administer the process. Therefore, please send your application, CV etc. via the link in the job advertisement. 

The executive of the department that needs a new employee ensures that the applications are read and then selects those to interview. 

First interview
Normally we invite 2-5 candidates for a first interview. The executive of the department and a colleague from the department attend the interview. Sometimes another executive also attends the interview. During the interview you get a brief introduction to Topdanmark, the job and the frames and opportunities of the job. Additionally, you and the executive agree on your salary, working hours etc. You are given the opportunity to give details of who you are and the skills you possess. The executive finds  out whether your skills match the job requirements . 

Second interview and test
After the first interview we invite 2-3 candidates for a second interview and a test. This process is prepared individually, depending on the type of job. In the second interview and the test we try to map out your personal preferences of work situations and working methods. The test comprises a personality test and any other test tools for examining working style and working methods. Before the second interview you have to complete the personality test via the internet. You will always be advised of the test tools we use. If you have further questions, you are welcome to contact the executive who has invited you for interview, or an HR consultant. An HR consultant, the executive and perhaps another executive from a relevant department attend the second interview. The HR consultant reports the test results back to you, and you get the opportunity to go into details and comment on each test field. Additionally, the opportunity is given to clarify any uncertainties about the job. 

Before employing employees we sometimes collect references from previous employers. We always only do this after having talked with you about it. The executive of the department which needs a new employee decides who to employ. When offering a job to a successful candidate, we do it orally (over the phone). After that we send you the contract, agreements, start-up etc. 

Normally, those applicants who are not invited for an interview receive a rejection letter. You are always welcome to contact the executive with whom you had contact, if you would like a clarification of the rejection. If you have attended a job interview and/or a test and do not get the job, we try to let you know verbally. 

Unsolicited job applications
As all job vacancies are are advertised on our website, we do not accept unsolicited applications. You are welcome to visit our job site and send an application for the job(s) in which you are interested.