Sustainability in Topdanmark

In 2020, Topdanmark has achieved several good results within climate, environment, health and well-being. For example, we have reduced our CO2 emissions by 15% as a step towards our goal of becoming CO2 neutral in 2030. We have also increased our focus on ESG in investments. We are integrating the principles of the UN Global Compact and five of UN’s sustainable development goals into our work on sustainability. Our ambition is to fully integrate it into our business – and we are well on the way.

CSR report 2020

Our approach to sustainability

Topdanmark wants a linkage between sustainability and business. In 2020, we have defined a Top Promise: We are here to help. It serves as the foundation for our daily work and likewise our approach to CSR and sustainability. Through our products and advice, we help our customers and contribute to financial and social security, but we also want to contribute to the development of a socially and environmentally sustainable society.

Our accomplishments so far


  • Launched a new pension product with increased ESG requirements
  • Appointed an ESG Asset Manager
  • New policy on active ownership with increased dialogue with companies.

Health and well-being

  • Several actions for both customers and employees e.g. free online health support, online health screenings and individualised help in the event of severe injury and illness.

Climate and environment

  • Defined a new level of ambition for CO2 reduction in the entire value chain
  • Reuse and repair in connection with claims
  • Reduction of cardboard cups and disposable plastic in the operations of our organisation.

Other actions

  • Increased focus on the protection of personal data and data ethics
  • CSR and sustainability were moved organisationally to be part of the Management Secretariat.

Moving forward

  • It is our ambition to fully embed and integrate sustainability into our core business and business model, and we expect to have a strategy and action plan ready in 2021.

  • Implementation of internal and external Code of Conduct
  • New and extended sustainability programme for procurement and suppliers
  • ESG integration into underwriting
  • Increased focus on ESG in investment policies.

Relevant information regarding the announcement of Topdanmark’s CSR report 2020

Topdanmark supports UN Global Compact

We have been a member of the UN Global Compact since 2010 and are committed to the 10 universal principles regarding human rights, workers’ rights, environment and corruption. We interpret the principles so that they create value for us and the world around us.

Learn more about Global Compact on the United Nations website


Pernille Fogh Christensen
Senior Sustainability Consultant
Marie Uldall Thomsen
Sustainability Consultant