Responsible foundation

When we talk about a responsible foundation, we talk about the foundation on which our business is resting, and the responsibility we have regarding running an economically healthy and stable business that can benefit our three main stakeholders: our customers, our employees, and our investors. We focus on two areas; responsible business management and responsible investments.

Responsible business management

To us, responsible business management means that we have policies and processes which ensure that we live up to legal requirements and recommendations for corporate governance in addition to rules and recommendations from the industry organisation Insurance & Pension Denmark (Forsikring & Pension). It also means that we work actively with sustainability and that we integrate the 10 principles on employee and human rights, the environment and anti-corruption under the UN Global Compact and other relevant standards and conventions into the way we operate our business. We consider responsible business management an assumption about developing long-term and value-creating relations with all our stakeholders – it also applies to the society which we form part of and to which we want to contribute positively.

Responsible investments

Topdanmark invests the insurance reserves and shareholders equity. We ensure that the investments are made in a responsible way, that they follow the UN Global Compact principles, and that they support the Paris Agreement.

With our initiatives under the theme "Responsible foundation" we contribute to a number of the sustainable development goals, among others SDG5: Gender equality and SDG13: Climate action.

Social responsibility and sustainability are the corner stones of our core business

We focus on three main themes when working with sustainability: Health and well-being in everyday life, Green transformation, and Responsible Foundation.

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Pernille Fogh Christensen
Senior Sustainability Consultant
Marie Uldall Thomsen
Sustainability Consultant