ESG ratings

Topdanmark is being rated on ESG performance by several different rating agencies.


Topdanmark is listed on the Danish stock exchange and therefore we are assessed, as a company, by various rating agencies on our efforts on sustainability and ESG related issues. These ratings are often used by investors and provide an overview of the quality of our work with sustainability.

We are rated by four agencies: MSCI, ISS ESG Corporate Rating, Sustainalytics and CDP. CDP, which stands for Carbon Disclosure Project, is a rating based on an extensive questionnaire that is filled out and submitted every year. The three other rating agencies rate us based on the information that is publicly available in our Sustainability Report, our ESG Fact Book, and all publicly available policies.


In 2022 three out of four ratings where improved


MSCI aim to measure a company's resilience to long-term ESG risks. Companies are scored on an industry-relative AAA-CCC scale across the most relevant Key Issues based on a company's business model. Topdanmark currently scores 'A'

ISS ESG Corporate Rating

The ISS ESG Corporate Rating provides relevant ESG and performance assessments. Drawing on an
overall pool of about 700 standard and industry-specific indicators, ISS ESG provides a rating based on the specific industry and business model of each company. 


Sustainalytics is part of Morningstar. Sustainalytics rates companies based on how high or low ESG risk the company has, measured on 90 parameters within both E, S and G. This also means that Sustainalytics works with the scale: Negligible-Low-Medium-High-Severe. Here, Topdanmark is in the risk category "Low" with a total score of 19.0.


The CDP Score Report focuses on climate related risks and opportunities for companies in different sectors. The company in question answers a questionnaire with more than 100 different parameters within climate and environmental governance. CDP scores companies on a scale from D- to A, Topdanmark scores C.


Marie-Louise Krogh Bisgaard
Head of Sustainability
mobile 30 65 53 76
Marie Uldall Thomsen
Sustainability Consultant