Health and well-being in everyday life

The theme Health and well-being in everyday life is precisely what our core business is all about: contributing to the daily well-being of our customers and the people covered by our insurances. It is manifested in our customer promise: We are here to help. But we are expanding it, so the theme also covers our employees and the society which we are part of. We have divided it into two sub-themes.

Physical and mental health

We want to contribute to the physical and mental health of our customers and employees, and we constantly work to offer the best possible solutions. The more persons who can avoid getting severely impacted by illness, stress, anxiety or depression, and who do not relapse, the better for both the affected persons and companies, for us as a group and for society.

We want to take an active part in the solution of central health problems. In particular, we focus on sharing our knowledge and experience on prevention of stress and other mental conditions. Furthermore, we share our experience on how to get persons back to normal everyday life after an injury or illness.

Financial and social security

To ensure the best possible financial and social security for our customers through our products, we have great focus on responsible customer relations e.g. providing correct advice and a fair claims handling. This is ensured i.a. through education of the employees, quality control and transparent customer communication.

The increased digitalisation is, among other things, breeding ground for cybercrime and thus an increased need for digital security. We address this both internally to secure our customer data and through relevant products that can help the customers.

With our efforts under Health in everyday life, we contribute to the Sustainable Development Goals no. 3 Good Health and Well-being, and no. 17 Partnerships for the Goals.

Social responsibility and sustainability are the corner stones of our core business

We focus on three main themes when working with sustainability: Health and well-being in everyday life, Green transformation, and Responsible Foundation.

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Pernille Fogh Christensen
Senior Sustainability Consultant
Marie Uldall Thomsen
Sustainability Consultant