A more sustainable Topdanmark

Topdanmark wants to make a difference to customers, employees and society by actively partaking in the solution to societal problems - especially within climate, the environment, health and job satisfaction. We do this via partnerships throughout the entire value chain, and through our knowledge and expertise.

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We are here to help

Topdanmark’s basis of existence is to help our customers before, during and after a claim. We express this through our promise to our customers: We are here to help

We are proactive and assist with prevention, so that damage and injuries do not occur, and we want to promote well-being and health. When the damage has occurred or the customer has fallen ill, we help limit the consequences in the best possible way and we pay out compensation. 

To us, social, environmental and financial sustainability is part of our core business. Every day, we work to create financial and social security for all our customers, for our employees and for
society in general– and we contribute with solutions to climate, environmental, and social challenges through products, advice, in our supply chain, in our investments and through our partnerships.

Sustainability aspiration

Our ambition is that sustainability must be a natural part of all the decisions and actions we make e.g. in relation to procurement, claims handling, product development, intake of new customers and investments. We continuously look at the risk of our potential negative impact on the sustainable development as well as the opportunities to develop our business for the benefit of a sustainable society. 

We have defined the sustainability aspiration:

We are here to help our customers and the society which we are part of.

Principles for sustainability

More specifically, we have laid down three principles to how we want to implement this aspiration. Moving forward, they will be the guiding principles for our work on sustainability:

  • We set out the direction for a more safe and secure future for our customers, employees, shareholders and society. 
  • Social, environmental and financial sustainability is the foundation of our business, and it sets the framework for the culture of our workplace.
  • In collaboration with the external world, we want to ensure sustainable solutions in all aspects of our value chain. 

Platform for sustainability

We have established platform for our work on sustainability based on a materiality assessment. It includes three overall themes in addition to six sub-themes which we consider to be key to our level of ambition for a more sustainable Topdanmark.


Fundamental enablers

We have defined three fundamental elements to support our work on a more sustainable Topdanmark:


At Topdanmark, our work is based on shared principles of responsible and sustainable management which guide our employees in how we run our business in trusting collaboration with our stakeholders.


Through innovation and responsible use of technology, we want to help solve the challenges of the future for the benefit of people and nature. We set the framework for doing things differently than what we do today.


We collaborate with relevant partners and organisations with whom we can make a greater difference together than individually.

Social responsibility and sustainability are the corner stones of our core business

We focus on three main themes when working with sustainability: Health and well-being in everyday life, Green transformation, and Responsible Foundation.

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Pernille Fogh Christensen
Senior Sustainability Consultant
Marie Uldall Thomsen
Sustainability Consultant