About Topdanmark

Topdanmark is Denmark's second largest insurance company, and we are happy to have a wide and numerous range of customers.

Topdanmark's principal task is to help the people who have shown confidence in us by letting us manage their insurance policies or pension schemes. We strive to give our customers the feeling that they are in good hands and well-helped when they need it.

Topdanmark is a limited company listed on Nasdaq Copenhagen A/S.

Denmark's second largest insurance company

Our market share for non-life customers is approximately 17% and we insure private, SME and agricultural customers.

•    Number of households: around 510,000
•    Number of SME and agricultural customers: around 110,000
•    Annual number of claims handled: around 300,000

Topdanmark Livsforsikring (Life insurance)

Topdanmark Livsforsikring is the sixth-largest life insurance company in Denmark with a market share of 10%. We have both private and SME customers within life insurance and pensions.

•    Number of private customers: around 50,000
•    Number of customers comprises by a company scheme:
      around 95,000

Attractive and up-to-date products

We think that it is an interesting challenge to provide attractive and up-to-date products to modern-day consumers – whether they are insurance or pensions customers. We strive to constantly being a competent partner in a live and dynamic market, among other things by developing new digital means of communication and self-service solutions that meet the requirements of our customers.

Responsible business

Our core business is by nature beneficial to society because our products and advice ensure financial and social security for our customers when damage has occurred or their working life has ended.

Topdanmark also makes an active effort to ensure loss prevention and limitation of damage. We consider it to be socially responsible to run a sound business because customers, employees, shareholders and the society surrounding us all benefit from this.

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Job satisfaction at the workplace

Topdanmark has around 2,450 employees working all over the country, and it is important to us to be an attractive workplace with a professionally stimulating environment and a high level of job satisfaction. We constantly endeavour to improve our employees' job satisfaction by offering them, for example, a healthy and tasty lunch service, free fruit, art, wine and lecture clubs, the opportunity of flexible working hours, a health scheme and a fitness club.

We regularly conduct a thorough job satisfaction survey among all our employees. The results are good and indicate that our employees are happy with their working life.

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