Innovative initiatives

At Topdanmark, we develop new solutions that match the reality our customers live in. We innovate and develop new products and services in collaboration with the customers as well as third-party partners. This apply for both the SME, agricultural and private segments. Below you can learn more about our innovative initiatives.

Artificial intelligence

predikterede skader på bil

Many associate artificial intelligence with major US technology companies or small start-ups, but in Topdanmark, we have developed our own data models with artificial intelligence since 2017.

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Chatbot - robot in customer service

Chatbots can make life easier on both employees and customers. Topdanmark was among the first to apply the technology with the chatbot, Globus, which answers 80% of the inquiries coming from customers regarding travel insurance.

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Leakbot - prevent water damage

More than 70,000 houses every year suffer from leaking water pipes which can have major financial and human costs. No matter how good your insurance cover is, it is always a bad experience to suffer a water damage. Therefore, Topdanmark helps the customers to prevent damages and thus avoid major inconveniences.

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The digital slurry tank

Stor gylletank placeret foran en gård

We believe that the most efficient prevention and the best solutions are developed in close collaboration with the customers and relevant players in their ecosystem. Together with SEGES, we have developed a digital solution which helps the farmers monitor the level in the slurrytanks. The solution has a damage preventing effect and makes life a little easier on the farmers. And not least, it helps protect the environment.

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Speech analytics - we listen to our customers

When it comes to creating better customer experiences and optimising our products, it pays off to work scientifically and really listen to what the customers are saying. For that reason, we were among the first to implement speech analytics.

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Michael Haftor-von Bahr
Head of Group Market Development