We develop artificial intelligence in Topdanmark

Many associate artificial intelligence with major US technology companies or small start-ups, but in Topdanmark, we have developed our own data models with artificial intelligence since 2017.

Many associate artificial intelligence with major US technology companies or small start-ups, but in Topdanmark, we have developed our own data models with artificial intelligence since 2017.

What is artificial intelligence?

In short, artificial intelligence is machines that  learn from patterns in data and that in the twinkling of an eye give an educated guess on the reply to the cases, we receive from our customers on an ongoing basis.

The big breakthrough in the field of artificial intelligence in recent years is that we now can use machines to read texts in natural language and to analyse pictures.

Because we have a lot of data and skilled data analysts, we can develop artificial intelligence tailor-made for Topdanmark.

Why do we work with artificial intelligence?

For some years, we have worked on automatic working procedures, so that we can continue to provide our customers with a good and easy service, and at the same time keep our costs at a level that allows us to remain competitive.

Through our experience with automation, it became clear that if we were to reach the next level of automation, we needed machines which could assess data in a way comparable with humans. Artificial intelligence helps us with this.

How do we apply artificial intelligence?

We apply artificial intelligence for, among other things, to assess whether we should offer insurance with or without reservations. We also apply artificial intelligence to assess whether quotes from workshops for the repair of the customers’ cars can be approved  automatically or whether an expert assessment is needed. Artificial intelligence is also applied to assess whether insured buildings are registered correctly.

Our models with artificial intelligence provide an immediate reply, thus our customers and partners do not have to wait for a reply  to their enquiry. Our experience tells us that most people prefer a quick and clear reply, also if the reply sometimes is a no.

We can apply artificial intelligence in every part of our company where we have sufficient and available data.

What is the trend?

The development within artificial intelligence is moving fast, and we are only just getting started. We expect that within the next 5-10 years, it will be artificial intelligence that will either assist our employees with recommendations, or it will automate the assessments within all areas of insurance in Topdanmark.

Artificial intelligence with responsibility

We constantly work to provide our customers with the best possible customer experience. This requires us to keep up with the digital development.

Artificial intelligence can be used for many purposes and will have a large impact on our daily lives. Therefore, we believe it is important to consider ethical issues when we develop and use artificial intelligence.

On this basis and as the first insurance company in Denmark, at the end of 2018, we defined five ethical principles on the use of artificial intelligence and how we can use it responsibly.

Topdanmark’s five principles on artificial intelligence


Artificial intelligence must be developed and used with care and respect.

Professional security

Artificial intelligence must be used within a fixed framework and be built on the latest technological knowledge and thorough tests.


Artificial intelligence must be reliable, based on facts and free of biases.


We must understand how artificial intelligence works, so that the models function safely and only for the purposes for which they were created.

Data security

Artificial intelligence must live up to the requirements of the data protection legislation and be protected against cybercrime.

Read more about Topdanmark's policy on the use of artificial intelligence

A complete report of the guidelines is available via a link in the CSR Report published 31 December 2018.

Our compliance department monitors that we comply with the guidelines in practice when developing models with artificial intelligence.

How do we apply artificial intelligence in Topdanmark?

  • 65%
    of our Change of Home Ownership insurance offers are automated.

    We have developed an algorithm based on Natural Language Processing (NLP) that reads public assessors reports on the quality of houses and their electrical installations. From these reports the algorithm decides if we will offer insurance or not.

  • 20%
    of motor workshops repair offers are automated by our algorithm.

    We have developed an algorithm that assesses motor repair shops offers on repairing our customers vehicles. Yearly we pay for the repair of more than 55.000 vehicles. The current level of automation on 20% will gradually increase as the algorithm improve.

  • 50%
    of Danish Agriculture have insured their buildings at Topdanmark.

    In order to ensure that our agriculture customers’ buildings are correctly registered we have developed an algorithm that based on aerial photos regularly ensures the quality of our registrations.

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Michael Haftor-von Bahr
Head of Group Market Development