Together we grow stronger

In Topdanmark, partnerships play an important strategic role. By developing solutions together with our partners and by entering into efficient distribution agreements, we ensure that Topdanmark reaches the right people with the right solutions. And together our businesses grow even stronger.

More than a financial partnership

There is always a financial aspect in all our partnerships. However, the good partnership is equally about developing a common strategy and creating value in the long run. This is possible when we grow together and find solutions that match the partnership. So, we do not only provide insurances, but we also help develop our partner’s business and solve the customers’ challenges.

Topdanmark is built on strong partnerships. We have a long tradition of having one plus one equalling three, and this benefits both us, our partners and our customers.

Customised solutions

A partnership is always customised. All the businesses and associations, which we partner up with, have different needs and wants. Therefore, we often develop unique solutions with the individual partner based on the customers’ and members’ needs.

Great scalability

Due to our size and experience, we can easily scale and execute the partnership beyond the partner’s business. This way, we can continuously adapt our solutions, thus they match the requests of the partner and the customers. And while maintaining the high quality.

Increased customer satisfaction and loyalty

A partnership with Topdanmark can be interesting for many reasons. Surveys show i.a. that the partner’s customers become more satisfied with the partner when they get Topdanmark as their insurance company. So, the satisfaction level influences the entire business.

Like attracts like

Our approach is always that we want to be equal partners and not just a supplier. We are best when working in the core of the partner’s business and develop solutions that match the partner’s channels and customer ecosystem. This way, we can apply the synergies in the best possible way, and we can to a greater extent create value in the long run.