Lobbyism and political support

Here you can read more about our position on lobbyism, political support and the industry working together on sustainability.

Here you can read more about our position on lobbyism, political support and the industry working together on sustainability.

Our position on lobbyism

Topdanmark does not conduct independent lobbyism. Topdanmark tries to influence political processes, legislation and the like, which relate to insurance and pensions, through the insurance and pension association Forsikring & Pension, in which Topdanmark's CEO sits on the board.

Our position on climate changes

Topdanmark supports the Paris Agreement’s target of a maximum temperature rise of 1.5 degrees in 2050, and the government’s target of a 70% reduction of CO2 emissions in 2030. This means that through the industry association, we support and promote initiatives and legislation that will reduce CO2 emissions. In 2020, Topdanmark has provided input on how the joint insurance and pension industry can contribute to the government's national partnership strategy for the business community with the aim of achieving a 70% reduction in CO2 in 2030.

Contributions to climate proofing

Topdanmark wants to contribute to the national activities on climate change adaptation, which are required in continuation of more extreme weather. For example, Topdanmark contributes to the climate change adaptation of the municipalities by providing anonymised data on damages caused by cloudburst in collaboration with other insurance companies and the insurance association Forsikring & Pension.

Other industry initiatives

The insurance association Forsikring & Pension has set up a number of working groups on different themes which are relevant across the insurance industry. Among others, there are working groups for the following themes:



The group has an objective of i.a. disseminating concrete experiences on how the individual companies work with climate change in relation to products and claims handling to the secretariat of the insurance association to prepare them for the dialogue with officials and politicians in the best possible way. Furthermore, the working group drives the project on the municipalities’ plans for climate proofing as described above.



The objective of the group is to create legal transparency and focus on the rules of non-discrimination e.g. between sexes and minority groups such as people with disabilities in connection with insurance, pension and similar financial services. In addition, the group contributes to the preparation of a new code of guidance on non-discrimination in the industry.


Cyber and data security

The objective of the group is to disseminate expert knowledge to the insurance association in order to influence the national and international agenda.

Support for political parties

There is no financial or other form of support for political parties.

Government support

Topdanmark does not receive any financial support from the Danish government in the form of tax relief, subsidies or other funding specific for Topdanmark.