A workplace that is more you!

As an employee of Topdanmark you will have a more enjoyable workday, a healthier working life and a braver workplace. We are all of Denmark's insurance company and a team, where you can also be yourself. We are not just braver, have more fun and are healthier in Topdanmark. We are more you!

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A more enjoyable workday

Being employed by Topdanmark means you can look forward to an enjoyable workday, every day. You can be yourself. With us you will find the energy to produce better results, giving you greater chances for development, enjoyment, responsibility and having satisfied customers.

The sky is the limit and career opportunities

It's more fun to go to work when you progress and become part of creating better solutions. As a Topdanmark employee you will meet dedicated and talented colleagues who value joint professionalism through joint collaboration, and thus find new solutions for the benefit of our customers.

In addition to internal collaboration and job rotation; courses, conferences and relevant further education will also strengthen your competencies and career moves. With us the sky is the limit! However, the distance from each employee to top management is short. There is always room for a good laugh and our department heads don't stand in the way when it comes to practical jokes. Our yearly Top-meeting for all employees is therefore quite popular.


Get responsibility to take responsibility

It also makes for a better day at work when you have the mandate and room to solve your tasks and have the backing to do so.

In Topdanmark you will be allowed to take on responsibilities by managers who trust in your abilities and professionalism. And, you will have top management who take note of those who deliver.


From cultural association to Friday bar

With us you will quickly become part of our family and our social life, which includes everything from sports- and cultural clubs to our legendary parties and bingo-nights!

We all look forward to welcoming you - right from your closest colleagues to top management, who you quickly will get to know.

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A healthier working life

As a Topdanmark employee you will have many opportunities for a healthier working life, where there is room for more of you! People who go all in don't compromise. Our focus on health, right from the more personal to joint interests, gives you the energy to optimise your performance.

It's healthier to go to work when you can be at your very best, and when we thus take your life into consideration when planning our work.


Unity and common goals

In Topdanmark we value unity and teamwork, because we know that the sum of our differences is our strength. This applies to every day when we move together to meet a sudden challenge, and when we likewise train together to support a good cause like “Knæk Cancer-week”.

With us you will also get the chance to increase your heart rate, enjoy nourishing and delicious cafeteria food and get offers to help with minor health problems or larger lifestyle changes.

It makes for a healthier working life when you experience help and support from colleagues and superiors in case of illness. In Topdanmark we are there for you because we take on a responsibility, not only for our fellow workers, but for the world we live in.

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We stand together on our shared responsibility

A healthy work environment is also about working for a greater purpose.

In Topdanmark our job is to safeguard people, their lives and health, their homes, their companies and possessions, and to be ready with help when it is time to rebuild. We support collections and charities.

We are conscious of our responsibilities as world citizens when it comes to climate and the environment. This we show via our involvement in United Nations Global Compact and by offering our customers attractive saving solutions, focusing on responsible investments and sustainability.

Read more about our initiatives within sustainability.

A braver place to work

Being employed by Topdanmark you will every day have the chance to develop, because we are a company that is braver to work for. We have the resources and the will to test new ideas and to make decisions that keep us on the cutting edge. This gives you more room to do your job.

You get more done when you work for a company that enables your ideas to become a reality. The brave decisions we made yesterday give you a solid foundation to go in new directions today.


We have the courage to invest

In Topdanmark we are proud to have one of the world’s strongest insurance shares in over 20 years.

We have the courage to invest in the new and keep what works. We are in front with regards to machine learning, chatbots and IoT-based solutions, when we develop tomorrows customer services in our large IT-department.

We are also leaders when it comes to focusing on personal contact development, right from our many customer advisors and claims department to the country's largest corps of mobile insurance agents. In all aspects, it is decisive for us to understand and safeguard our customers.

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Be a part of tomorrow's decisions

We have created a braver place to work, with leaders who dare to give mandate and room to co-workers who bravely grab an opportunity in a culture where "as usual" is dead.

Here you can try out new methods and be a part of quick decision making because of our flat structure.

This makes Topdanmark a dynamic, innovative and different financial workplace, where you can join in performing and optimizing, so we also can make the right decisions tomorrow.

...focusing on your wellbeing

Being motivated, involved and happy - both when we arrive in the morning, and leave in the afternoon - is important to us in Topdanmark.

We therefore carry out a company satisfaction survey twice a year, in order to measure how everyone in the company is thriving. In addition, an open dialogue meeting is held twice yearly in all departments as well.

Topdanmark i tal og resultater HR_2023_Trivsel i tal UK H2

In the latest group engagement survey conducted in November 2023, we had a high response rate of 95% and still a very high average engagement score. Now, we begin the dialogues in which the teams work with the activities that will ensure and maintain the high level of well-being. 

The survey shows that the engagement and well-being at Topdanmark continue to be a record-high level. The reason for this can be found in the comments from the employees; Here it becomes evident that many employees value that we, unlike many other companies, will continue to work flexibly.

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