Strategy and business


  • To carry out nation-wide, Danish non-life insurance business
  • To be attractive to customers by being a competitive independent and pre-eminent insurance group
  • To ensure that our shareholders achieve a long-term, competitive, stable return


  • To improve our position in the Danish insurance market
  • To ensure that our expense ratio is at a competitive level in relation to the market
  • To ensure that our growth in non-life business is higher than that of the market
  • To attract and retain profitable customers by delivering a high level of customer service
  • To ensure that Topdanmark's shares reflect insurance risk rather than investment risk
  • To ensure that Topdanmark's shares are both attractive and liquid 
  • To be able to attract and retain qualified employees


  • To achieve primarily organic growth, supplemented by close co-operation with alliance partners, and opportune acquisitions suitable for Topdanmark's overall strategy 
  • To develop and improve the level of customer service 
  • To pay out all excess capital to the shareholders
  • To be a dynamic organisation encouraging both personal and professional development 
  • To align the goals of Management and employees with those of our shareholders

Our opinion

  • It creates more value for Topdanmark to do business within Denmark's borders 
  • The success criteria for an insurance company are: continuous efficiency improvements, good risk management and high distribution efficiency
  • Digitisation, innovation and utilisation of new technology are important means for achieving Topdanmark's success criteria

Operational goals

We continuously focus on optimising the return on our activities.

Our operational goals are:

  • A combined ratio of at least the same level as the leading companies in the Danish market
  • Growth in gross premiums earned in line with the Danish market


It is important for Topdanmark to ensure balance between its strategic stakeholders.

Our starting point is that satisfied customers and qualified employees are key to ensuring satisfied shareholders who achieve a long-term, competitive and stable return.

We cannot do without those satisfied customers who are willing to pay their insurance premiums, year after year, which in return requires competent and motivated employees to service those customers.

Therefore, Topdanmark has three main stakeholders: customers, shareholders and employees forming an unbreakable and interdependent trinity.