Life and non-life insurance

Our customers can with advantage group both insurance and pension with Topdanmark.

Our customers can with advantage group both insurance and pension with Topdanmark.


As a Topdanmark customer, you need not worry about insurance and pension. We will take care of this for you.

Based upon your requirements, we make provisions for your security. Making sure, that being a Topdanmark customer is easy and simple. We are proactive and available when you need our assistance

Our employees

  • We have specialised and insurance-trained employees with a high level of specialist knowledge within sales, customer advice and claims handling for non-life insurance and pension
  • Based on the customer’s pension- and insurance needs, we perform a systematic review in order to give the customer an always up-to-date insurance coverage and the best possible experience 
  • Professional advice with a focus on ensuring the risk-consciousness with the customers, and reducing the number and scope of claims.
  • We have competent investment professionals to give your one of the best returns in the business on your pension scheme

Market share Non-life insurance (Q4 2018)

Topdanmark’s market share was 16.1% and that makes Topdanmark the second largest insurance company in Denmark.

Tryg (incl. Alka Forsikring) is market leader in non-life insurance with a market share of 21.6%.

(Source: Danish Insurance Association)

Market share Life insurance (2018) 

Topdanmark ranks number five among the  commercial companies. PFA and Danica/PFA Pension dominate the market.

(Source: Danish Financial Supervisory Authority)

Non-life insurance


  • We insure private households via our two brands, Topdanmark and Coop Forsikringer
  • We offer market consistent non-life insurance products at competitive prices
  • We sell our insurance policies via personal meetings, online meetings, by telephone or online, as well as via several collaboration partners
  • We retain and attract profitable customers based on the good customer experience.


  • We serve Danish based SME and agricultural customers with both active and disused farms
  • We are market-leading within agricultural insurance with a significant market share, and approximately every sixth Danish business is a Topdanmark customer
  • We provide individualised insurance policies within both non-life insurance, life insurance and pension schemes – always based on the customer’s needs
  • We sell our insurance policies via personal meetings with our certified insurance agents, by phone, through brokers and collaboration partners as well as on digital platforms
  • We make use of our claims experience to provide targeted and professional risk management advice, and we collaborate with partners in order to develop solutions

Life insurance

  • We offer both private and SME customers a comprehensive product range within life insurance and pension funds, which will help our customers in the event of illness, death and injuries
  • Our customers should receive the highest possible income from their pension. The activities of Topdanmark's fully integrated asset management are based on a long-term strategy which has ensured our custom-ers high returns and favourable rates of interest on policy-holders' savings.
  • We manage our customers' savings without cost-increasing intermediaries. This ensures low investment costs.
  • We focus on personal and individual customer service, and the result is evident in the customer satisfaction surveys made by an independent research agency – our customers have ranked us among the very best on the market

Policy for the calculation of profit in life insurance