Life insurance

"We work proactively with our customers. Our aspiration is: As a customer of Topdanmark Livsforsikring (Life insurance), you do not need to worry about or spend your time on pensions and insurance. We do that for you. We ensure your safety and contact you when you need it. We meet our customers when required. Therefore, we aim at being close to our customers in order to keep ahead and offer solutions which can be adjusted to individual needs – the fact that our customers are different, inclines us to always listen to the individual customer and understand our customers’ overall situation. This keeps us sharp."

                                             Vivian Byrholt, CEO of Topdanmark Livsforsikring



  • We offer both the personal and corporate markets a comprehensive product range of life insurance and pension fund schemes, which will help our customers in the event of illness, death, injuries and unem-ployment
  • Our customers should receive the highest possible income from their pension. The activities of Topdanmark's fully integrated asset man-agement are based on a long-term strategy which has ensured our customers high returns and favourable rates of interest on policy-holders' savings
  • We manage our customers' savings without cost-increasing interme-diaries. This ensures low investment costs
  • We focus on personal and individual customer service, and the result is evident in the customer satisfaction surveys made by an independ-ent analyst agency – our customers have ranked us among the very best on the market.