A company based on innovation

At Topdanmark, innovation is not something we talk about – it is something we do. To think up new processes, new products and new technology is a natural part of our workday and the way we run our business. Since we were founded more than 100 years ago, we have focused on leading the way and developing new solutions that match the reality in which the customers live.

A world of change

That is very much the way it is today. The technological advances mean that society and how the Danes live, consume and work are changing faster than ever. Digitalisation, sharing-economy and on-demand create new insurance needs. The customers expect flexible and personalised solutions. This impose great requirements on our business. Both in relation to the customers, and internally to our processes.

New opportunities

However, technology also gives us new opportunities to develop attractive products and services, and for market expansion. So when the customers’ world changes, we follow close behind and meet their needs. This apply for both the SME, agricultural and private segments.

With the customer

Our innovation always begins with our customers. We have a comprehensive knowledge and understanding of their world, and we often develop and innovate in collaboration with the customer. On other occasions, we work on the product or the distribution with third-party partners. Whatever it takes to give the customer the best possible solution.

Innovative culture

At the same time, the curiosity and readiness to collaborate in new ways is an ingrained part of our culture. We do not make it harder than it is, but we try to put together the right people, thus the path from idea to productis as short as possible. Due to this approach, we were among the first to launch a drone insurance when it became a statutory requirement.

Likewise, we were first on the market with a personal care insurance to help people on long-term sick leave get back to the job market.

This is what we mean, when we say that at Topdanmark, innovation is not a buzzword. It is the core of our business. Now and in the future.


Michael Haftor-von Bahr
Head of Group Market Development