Claims handling

"We handle 300,000 claims every year. Consequently, we know how to best help our customers through a claims handling process, an inpleasant situation they are usually unaccustomed to. In a situation like that, it is important that Topdanmark proves itself ."

                                                              Rasmus Ruby-Johansen, Claims Director


We wish to be the market leader in terms of the delivery and development of claims solutions which create value for both customers and alliance partners.

We wish to be the most efficient in the market in the management of claims payments.

Our claims departments:

  • Handle 300,000 claims each year
  • Employ 430 claims handlers and loss adjusters
  • Receive 62% of all claims in digital form
  • Receive 575,000 customer calls and 500,000 emails each year
  • 91% of our customers felt "well-helped" in our telephone claims handling
  • Less than 0.1% of claims go to the Insurance Appeals Board

Damage controlling initiatives

Topdanmark strives to keep ahead of developments and customers' needs. A large number of initiatives are intended to continuously develop and improve customer service. Together with improving customer service, we endeavour to minimise those areas with the highest risk of claims inflation by taking a number of initiatives.

Before an event

We warn our customers before a weather event. Through the press, on our website and on social media we prepare our customers on what to do to avoid and/or limit damage caused by, for example, rainstorm. One example is, that after the rainstorm in 2011, we agreed with customers to repair rainstorm damage with non-organic materials, which are not damaged to the same extent in the event of new rainstorms.

During and after an event

We constantly strive to limit the damage, in the event of an accident, by making agreements with a network of alliance partners who ensure partly prompt repair and delivery, partly a competitive price and quality. In the claims situation we advise customers on how to avoid that the same damage occurs again.

We have established an emergency group in Topdanmark comprising a constant team of 60 colleagues to help with claims handling when a large event occurs. The emergency employees have been trained in and are regularly updated on rainstorm and storm claims. The team was most recently in action in 2015, when it handled claims generated by the storm, Gorm.