Claims handling

We wish to be the market leader in terms of the delivery and development of claims solutions which create value for both customers and alliance partners.

We wish to be the market leader in terms of the delivery and development of claims solutions which create value for both customers and alliance partners.


  • We handle 350,000 claims each year
  • We employ 430 claims handlers and loss adjusters
  • We receive 65 % of all claims digitally
  • We receive 575,000 customer calls and 500,000 customer emails each year
  • Less than one per mille of claims go to the Insurance Complaints Board

Digitalisering og automatisering

We keep the costumer in focus when we integrate efficiency and digital solutions to our process- and product development.

Our customers can easily get an overview, make changes to their insurances, report claims, follow claims handling and much more at ​ and (in Danish)

One of our focus areas is to make it easy for our customers to report their claims digitally. This means that we, in the claims department, can spend our time helping the customers with the matters that create value to them.


Damage controlling initiatives

We continuously improve and develop our services to the customers. At the same time, we endeavour to minimise those areas with the highest risk of claims inflation. For example, we offer our customers a LeakBot at a favourable price. The LeakBot is an intelligent water leak detector that can detect leaks and bursts before it is too late. It can also help reduce the water consumption, because it detects if a tap is dripping.

Furthermore, we warn our customers before a weather event, and prepare them on what to do to avoid and/or limit any damages.

During and after an event

We constantly strive to limit the damage, in the event of an accident by making agreements with a network of collaboration partners who ensure partly prompt repair and delivery, partly a competitive price and quality. In the claims situation, we advise customers on how to avoid that the same damage occurs again.

We have established an emergency group in Topdanmark comprising a constant team of 60 colleagues to help with claims handling when a large event occurs. The emergency employees have been trained in and are regularly updated on cloudburst and storm claims. Furthermore, we have developed two weather robots; A robot for storm claims and a robot for cloudbursts. The robots will assist in getting the claims in our systems. The robots cannot handle all claims yet, but they are getting better all the time.

Large-scale claims after reinsurance

(claims exceeding DKK 5m per event after refund of reinsurance. Includes property claims from SME) 

There have been neither large-scale claims nor weather-related claims in Q2 2020. The figures for Q2 2020 is run-off for Q1 2020.

Weather-related claims

(claims exceeding DKK 4.5m per event)


Topdanmark process approx. 300,000 claims a year. Therefore, it cannot be avoided that we receive complaints from customers about the compensation or service they have received.

Customer complaints can be an expression of our inability to communicate the terms and conditions of our policies or our decisions. We therefore use customer complaints to assess how we can improve our communication and advice.

If, in private insurance cases, the customer disagrees with our decision on a claim, the customer is entitled to appeal to the Insurance Complaints Board (Ankenavnet for Forsikring).

The number of customer complaints that are passed on to the Insurance Complaints Board is under one per thousand claims we receive.

Topdanmark’s share of complaints compared to others in the business was at 10.1% in 2019, which is lower than the level in 2018.