Non-life insurance

"On the basis of competent and highly educated employees we aim to give our customers their necessary security - both now and in the future. This will be ensured through offering up-to-date products, high quality, efficient processes and a high level of professional advice. Our customers should feel they receive more than they expect."

                                                               Brian Rothemejer Jacobsen, CCO


  • Topdanmark is the second largest supplier of non-life insurance in the private market with a market share of around 16.6% − i.e. we insure every fifth Danish citizen
  • We insure private households through our two brands Topdanmark and Coop Forsikringer
  • We sell insurance policies at personal meetings with our certified insurance sales representatives, internet meetings, over the telephone or via the internet
  • We offer market-conform non-life insurance products at competitive prices
  • We have specialised and insurance-trained employees with high level specialist knowledge within sales, customer advice and claims handling – in order to give our customers the best experience in any situation
  • We provide active advising. The goal is that our customers always have up-to-date insurance cover
  • We keep and attract profitable customers based on good customer experience
  • Our customers can easily get a picture of and make changes to the insurance conditions, file claims, follow the claims handling and other issues of importance via and 
  • We optimise the way we work through digitisation and efficiency improvement of processes to provide quick and simple service to our customers  
  • In co-operation with Sydbank and Coop we offer their customers non-life insurance products, through our two brands Topdanmark and Coop Forsikringer
  • During 2019 we will be launching several digital products for Coop Forsikringer such as Coop home insurance, Coop travel insurance, Coop accident insurance and Coop House insurance
  • In co-operation with a number of car dealers we offer motor insurance policies when a car is sold


  • Topdanmark serves Danish based SME and agricultural customers with both ac-tive and disused farms. We are market-leading within agricultural insurance with a significant market share, and approximately every sixth Danish business is a Topdanmark customer
  • We provide individualized insurance policies within both non-life insurance and life and pension fund business
  • Our supply of insurance solutions reflects each customer's needs ranging from traditional insurance packages to digital solutions and business agreements
  • Our certified SME insurance sales representatives will have the customers' insurance requirements as starting point after a systematic analysis
  • In cooperation with Sydbank and other relevant partners, we offer non-life insurance products to their customers
  • The goal of our service concept is to ensure that our customers feel secure and always have up-to-date insurance cover
  • We use our claims experience to provide targeted and professional risk management advice with particular focus on improving our customers' risk consciousness and reducing the number and extent of claims
  • We integrate digital solutions in our products and processes based on customer requirements, and we always focus on efficient processes and working methods
  • We are targeting growth and value creation for our agricultural and business customers, and we develop our products and services based on their needs